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I used to wear an earring. I didn't want to but my girlfriend found it in my bed
God had to be a woman. No man invented circumcision
I'm Thinkin
Does anybody have any idea what this girl is trying to do?
Like midis? Here is Every Midi In The World
While we're at it, here are the words to Every Song In The Top 40 Since 1940
Kentucky fried
Since it's my site, I get to put a little something personal on each page
My Finger Page
Save BIG on pet food.
Teach your dog to eat visitors.
I've been an entertainer all my life. This is one of my bands...from the old days.
Download these pics and send a friend the finger
Hint - keep poking!
Heads Up.... Scammo Alert

Stay away from advertised.freecreditreports. It ain't free and there have been lots of horror stories posted on the web about it. You are entitled, by law, to one, legitamately, free credit report a year. Go to the
Federal Trade Commission site and click the link there for a real free one.
There is an organization called Open (ligit) that promotes free web.
Microsoft Office Suite (word, excel, etc,) is very expensive. The Open Source people have developed OpenOffice which is every bit as good as Microsoft Office - and free. Try it at
Are you diabetic too - Try